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Food lyophilizer mainly three major application areas

Release Date: 2019/3/19 17:27:37 .
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Food lyophilizer mainly three major application areas

Food freeze dryers are also known as food vacuum freeze dryers, food low temperature dryers, etc.

Since food vacuum freeze dryers have unparalleled advantages in other drying methods, freeze-drying technology has become more and more popular since its inception, and has been widely used in medicine, biological products and food.




At present, the application of food vacuum freeze dryer in three major areas is as follows:

1. Processing in special food applications

Vacuum freeze-drying technology has been widely used in foods used in aerospace, marine, mountaineering, and expeditions.

2. Application in hobbies, flavors and flavored foods

Coffee, tea, and a variety of flavors and seasonings satisfy people's hobbies and sensory requirements for flavor and taste. Due to the instability of the active ingredients, it is difficult to satisfy this using conventional drying methods. Vacuum freeze-drying, low-temperature, high-vacuum processing methods have quickly found its use in this field, and the products are well received by the public, the scale of production continues to expand, and the proportion in similar products continues to increase.


Freeze-dried coffee

3. Application in health foods and convenience foods

The vacuum freeze-dried product can well preserve the nutrient and health care ingredients of the processed raw materials as well as the color, fragrance, taste and shape. This excellent performance is particularly outstanding in the convenience of fast foods, showing a strong development momentum, such as about 50% of Japan's convenience foods are freeze-dried foods.

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