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What is the freeze-drying curve of freeze dryer?

Release Date: 2019/10/17 17:21:17 .
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What is the freeze-drying curve of freeze dryer?
For the freeze dryer, everyone is familiar, but the freezing principle is certainly not very familiar, today Xiaobian will explain the principle of freeze-drying curve of freeze dryer, let's learn together!
The freeze-dried product of biological products needs to have a certain physical form, a uniform color, a qualified residual moisture content, a good solubility, a high survival rate or a potency, and a long shelf life. Therefore, it is necessary to control not only the formulation process but also the sealed storage after lyophilization. More importantly, the parameters of each stage of the freeze-drying process are fully controlled to obtain a quality product. Freeze-drying curves and timing are the basic basis for the control of the freeze-drying process.
The freeze-drying curve is the relationship between the temperature and pressure of the product during the freeze-drying process as a function of time; the freeze-drying sequence is the opening and closing operation of various equipments at different times during the freeze-drying process. Important process parameters in lyophilization are the temperature of the product and the pressure in the oven. For a specific lyophilizer, because the temperature of the product has a certain dependence on the shelf temperature or the temperature of the space inside the box, many devices can not control the pressure on the surface of the product, so in practice the lyophilization curve often uses the shelf temperature (or The temperature inside the box is expressed as a function of time. In order to monitor the main parameters of the freeze-drying process, the freeze dryer with automatic recorder generally records the parameters of the shelf temperature, product temperature, water vapor condenser temperature, freeze-drying box pressure and other parameters. These curves are all lyophilized curves.
The principle of the freeze-drying curve of the above freeze dryer, if you are interested in the freeze dryer, you can call us for advice!

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