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Effect of material tray on the quality of medicinal freeze dryer products

Release Date: Wednesday 4 . 2019
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Effect of material tray on the quality of medicinal freeze dryer products
The medicinal freeze-drying machine is also called a pharmaceutical freeze-drying machine, and is characterized in that the products are generally completed in the whole process of pre-freezing, heat preservation and sublimation drying on a set of shelves in the same drying box. Since the same set of shelves has both refrigeration and heating, it is generally indirectly conducted by intermediate media. The uneven temperature of the shelf and the poor heat conduction of the tray lead to high energy consumption, long process, and no product design. Problems such as residual water content standards are a key factor in the long-term development of pharmaceutical companies.
The lyophilizer generally puts the raw materials in a tray placed on the shelf in a tray for freezing, sublimation drying, analytical drying, and the thickness of the tray should be considered to be cold and hot deformation, so it should not be too thin, generally 1.5 mm. Left and right, the vials or foods containing the medicines are placed in the tray at a height of about 10-15 Mm, and the temperature is transmitted from the hot and cold temperature of the shelf to the bottom of the tray until the upper end of the zui is frozen, sublimated and dried, and the dried articles are analyzed. However, since the vials, medicines, biological products or foods containing the medicines are contained in the trays at a height of about 10-15 mm, the temperature transfer takes a long time, and because the shelf temperature is not uniform, the moisture content of the freeze-dried products is not Uniformity, the yield of product residual moisture is affected.
The trays on the shelves are made of stainless steel, which are deformed by thermal expansion and contraction for a long time during lyophilization. Therefore, various manufacturers have spent a lot of manpower and financial resources, such as the flatness and surface of the surface of the shelf. The position of the solder joint, the thermal expansion and contraction caused by the intermittent welding and the material, etc., various problems will directly affect the heat transfer performance between the shelf and the product and the tray, which may cause temperature unevenness. Therefore, there are often some The residual moisture content in the freeze-dried vials reflected by the user is inconsistent, and some of them have a large difference, and the product design residual water content standard has not been reached. Some users use a drawer type tray box or a bulk vial when lyophilizing the vial, which wastes the loading and unloading time, and is easily damaged when loading and unloading the medicine bottle. Now, foreign countries have begun to apply the tray for forming a sterile film but the price High, easy to damage, long-term use and other defects.

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